Skin Chick



Consultation Facial $65

A quick treatment that lifts dead skin cells and makes the skin ready for the at-home treatment recommended during the consultation.

Skin Chick Essential Treatment $110/ 60min

A refreshing and relaxing ritual of renewal for all skin types. Remove dull, dead skin, wake up cell metabolism, and restore radiance. A nourishing cleanse is followed by gentle exfoliation and regenerative conditioning. Includes a toning algae mask infused with antioxidant vitamin C & E serum and soothing and hydrating facial massage.

Clear Complexion Facial $78/ 50min

Supercharge your clear skin mission with this deeply therapeutic treatment for oily and acne-prone skin. Natural papaya enzymes lift dead skin and purify pores clearing the way for a detoxifying and calming sulfur clay mask. High-frequency stimulation combined with healing aloe encourages cell renewal, eliminates acne bacteria, enhances blood circulation, and accelerates healing of scars and blemishes

Back Facial $78/ 50min

So you can dare to bare with confidence. A deep cleansing and exfoliating acid + enzyme treatment designed to smooth, soften, and calm the temperamental skin of the back and shoulders. An exfoliating mandelic acid cleanse is followed by natural and anti-inflammatory enzymes to slough off dead skin cells and prep for a detoxifying and cell renewing mask. The treatment ends with a relaxing, hydrating massage.